Solutions for Territory Management

We offer our customers personalized solutions for management and monitoring of territory and any complex environment (airports, railways, civil protection organizations,etc).  Environmental management’s technology we offer is based on natural multi-touch and multi-user interfaces and on an open operating system. All the other features (hardware, software, functionalities, etc) can be customized according to client’s needs.


Na-If has created and implemented the software-hardware system of supervision and territory control, which enables a centralized management of every single event taking place in the territory, through a multi-touch, multi-user interface.

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The first Integrated Safety Solution for advanced territorial monitoring that lets you monitor traffic by video, read and store license plate info, and translate and manage the information from a Na-If multimedia platform.

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T Space is the new smart system for space analysis: tell me where you are taking action and I will tell you who you are. Using the touchscreen system, you can reach any place on the earth to interrogate the system and prevent crises.

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