Solutions for Logistics and Transportations

IT and TLC investments in the sector of logistics and transportation are directed towards those application systems (software and hardware) pivotal to achieve business goals, and apply to both infrastructure and application areas (storehouse management, provisions and handling, softwares for logistics, transports, supply chain management, etc).


Data Network includes all equipment to connect any device to corporate network services and Internet network services. It ensures safe, stable and full data transfer..

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Informo IP is a Web platform and multi-access multidevice that allows you to inform, organize and coordinate in real time every mobile worker and means of transport.

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We are leaders in Italy’s North-East for urban security. Among solutions we design and implement are: IP Video-surveillance, Video-intelligence solutions, advanced alarms management.

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GSM Amplifier detects the signal from outside the building and conveys it inside the building. Internet connection is then guaranteed even in those areas of the building lacking in signal or with bad reception.

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An innovative monitoring system aiming at energy efficiency control. The solution ensures active energy efficiency, which is combined to passive energy efficiency to maximise the facility global energy efficiency.

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Structured Cabling


Structured cabling allows transmission of signal in one or more buildings within a campus. Users are not required to define beforehand its field of application.

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The video conferencing and telepresence solutions will change the way to reach people in the company and the way of working through the UC applications and services.

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