b! solutions for the market

Our telecommunication solutions interpret new market needs, the true user’s needs. Problem solving means listening, employing all necessary competences, selecting today, those technologies and services that users and companies will count on in the future.
For this reason, b! sustains the development of innovative ideas, combining them with consolidated architectures and acquiring a selected and reliable network of partnerships, to offer effective and cost-saving solutions and reach out to the main vertical sectors

Solutions for each sector

Digital technology covers a central role in the modernizing process that Italian health sector is undertaking to improve its efficacy and effectiveness.

The technological innovation of industrial compartment plays a strategic role, not only for costs rationalization, but also for repositioning the single company in the market.

IT and TLC investments in the sector of logistics and transportation are directed towards those application systems pivotal to achieve business objectives.

Technological evolution, in terms of contents and services, with time has produced a new approach to tourism. The visitor tourist presents new needs now.

To our customers we offer personalized solutions for management and monitoring of territory and of any complex environment (airports, railways, civil protection organizations,etc).

The sector of Large-Scale Retail Trade is engaged in the renovation process of sales points and customer retention techniques, where IT and TLC constitute the main characters.

Social Media have become an integral part of global economy: they are instrumental in the company as a collaboration, communication and business tool.

Spending review, citizen safety, Smart Cities….those are only few of many other central themes that render ICT a critical investment for public administrations.

Solutions for supply modes

Technology cannot always be managed by customers: today, even those who could handle IT and ICT areas prefer to rely on technological systems “as a service”.

Based on client’s needs and on application’s architecture, we can offer solutions using the traditional approach “on-premises”.

The solution of choice can be sold in its own entirety and become client’s property to all intents and purposes, without limits imposed by time or other factors.

The solution of choice can have a licensing/pricing cost on periodic basis, like monthly ,trimestral, semiannual, etc., which can be subjected to sizing.