b! services of network and infrastructures maintenance 

 We offer each company its maintenance level: scalable services as required by specific size and needs, certified services for each technology. With us our clients improve service standards, interventions quality, performance of results.

  • management of hardware functions of client’s networks
  • replacement according with certified SLA of malfunctioning parts and systems
  • 24-hour operational technical help desk dedicated to assistance calls
  • full management of tickets, intervention logistics and intervention reports

  • management of software functions of client’s systems
  • analysis of malfunctioning system hardware and software
  • correction of configuration errors and reactivation of parameters based on service needs
  • escalation to technical support of hardware/software suppliers
  • 24-hour assurance on maintenance

  • management of network configurations for qualification of new functions and new preparatory services for clients business needs
  • periodical system analysis to verify up-to-dateness or obsolescence status in relation with expected modernity performances
  • preparation of adjustment of infrastructure plans, geared towards protection of business results

  • highest level technical support on maintenance systems
  • distribution through  highly qualified and technology certified personnel
  • direct management of escalation to manufacturers
  • analysis and workarounds solutions to immediately protect business
  • certification of new functions and software release
  • solutions of problems related to complex evolution of infrastructure and systems
  • tests and performance evaluation of new functions
Monitoring & Alerting
  • 24-hour remote management of network alarms and deviations from baselining
  • automatic activation of control and reactivation procedures
  • comprehensive and stand-alone management –on behalf of client- of damages against the operator of specific geographical area

Configuration management
  • management of systems configurations
  • automatic update and validation of activated changes in software functions
  • tuning of current software configurations and periodical verification of their adherence with management policies

Design management
  • creation and update of network maps (architecture, topology, addressing systems, etc)
  • publication of client-dedicated web portal of updated topologic and architectural information

Remote Troubleshooting
  • real-time troubleshooting, conducted remotely by expert personnel
  • dedicated connection with high level security and protection for client’s infrastructures

  • periodical report service on vital parameters of systems and networks
  • monitoring and reports on  network services utilization

Traffic Analysis
  • analysis of traffic crossing particular sectors of network infrastructure
  • classification of protocols and priorities
  • analysis of peak hours and main directions
  • baselining

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