b! confirms its attention to security innovation by participating in the press conference organized by the Union of Caldogno, Costabissara and Isola Vicentina, to be held at the Union of Municipalities in Cresole Caldogno (VI) tomorrow, May 8, at 10.00 (via Diviglio 73).

During this appointment, b! Spa illustrate the operation of ePlate 2.0, the Web based solution installed at the territory of the Union with the aim of increasing road safety and offer to their local police forces of some additional equipment for the control of traffic and passing vehicles in the area.

<<b! SpA firmly believes that technology can and should become a real partner on the side of the operators responsible for safety and the protection of the territory. EPlate with 2.0, b! She wants to be, once again, as an interlocutor able to make a significant contribution to this process >> says Sandro Bordato, President & CEO b! SpA.

<< The territorial system of license plate reading will give greater assurance primarily in terms of urban security, through constant monitoring of all vehicles passing within the territory. In addition, the monitoring will be crucial in the aspect of prevention of illicit acts as vehicles stolen or otherwise “registered” in various capacities in the checklist will be immediately reported >> continues Ermanno Piegonda, Commander Union of Municipalities of Caldogno, Costabissara and Isola Vicentina.