b! SpA takes part to the “Milestone Partner Open Platform Days 2013”, the Italian annual educational and networking event that draws the Milestone ecosystem together (Congress Centre Bologna, 29-30.05.2013).


During the event, b! SpA has presented “Smart Eyes”, the first Integrated Safety Solution that lets you monitor traffic by video, read and store license plate info, and translate and manage the information from a Na-If multimedia platform. The license plate reading and tracking software designed at b! (ePlate) is combined with Milestone Systems‘s experience in security and comes inside the Na-If table, which lets you monitor passing cars, read license plates and view the surroundings in real time. You can also search the log and insert sentries. This is the way Smart Eyes is made, a unique urban surveillance system for advanced territorial monitoring.

b! SpA is Platinum Partner Milestone (Expert Certified Partner).