The Italian sector of tourism is growing (+ 5.1% demand for travel and holidays in Italy in 2015) and it requires investment in technology and structure to boost its competitiveness. The wireless has become imperative for hotels and reception venues, primary service required by customers, priority even in the service of breakfast.

Customers are more “aware” hotel and new formats are emerging on the market. A market, the Italian one, which consists of 34,000 hotels.

b! replies to this Innovation need with some specific Solutions, like:

  • Wireless system that enhances the existing network and offers a double objective: Ensuring guests a free performance, safe, simple, free connection and advantages for business.
  • Smart solutions that can monitor and manage “intelligently”
  • Intrusion detection systems and video surveillance systems that monitor public areas and the outer ones. Centrally managed PCs and smartphones and, in case of alarm, sending the real-time alerts.
  • VoIP phone systems and paging services that allow you to communicate with the outside and coordinate staff using the data network.
  • Collaboration systems and video conferencing ones to facilitate communications, support the organization of events, offer an additional service for business meetings, etc.
  • Networks of sensors can monitor and operate the facilities of electricity, alarm, water, elevators, solar panels, photovoltaic, etc. In this way you can optimize resources, efficientare services, prevent or otherwise manage in real time wastage and failure.

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