Through the National Operational Programme “For the school, skills and learning environments 2014-2020″ has been allocated funds for schools, in order to facilitate the digitalisation of Institutes. Part of these funds will cover the construction and / or expansion of LAN / WLAN.

b! helps schools to introduce new technologies, in order to make them a place where connected lifelong learning (life-long learning) becomes real.

The first step is to bring connectivity to a large or ultra-broadband, via cabling and active equipment (switches, access points), enabling widespread access, in every classroom, laboratory, hall and common space.

For this reason b!  offers innovative Wi-Fi network solutions that:

  • implement multiple Internet connectivity;
  • offer more bandwidth to meet the demand for a reliable connection, high speed and at an affordable price;
  • enable the use of interactive whiteboards, tablet, electronic records, online learning platforms and streaming of e-learning content.

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