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“Everything that makes North-East”. Sandro Bordato on TV program “Approfondimenti”

Sandro Bordato, CEO of Ceit spa, interviewed on TV show “Approfondimenti, on TV7 Gold Channel.
Interviewed by Fabrizio Stelluto, he talks about Ceit group history and its two companies, b! and Tecnel. Furthemore, he presents “Theater”, a new solution focused on multimedia contents presentation and sharing.
The interview will be on air on 15th December on TV7 Gold and TV7 Gold Plus channel.

“For Medio Polesine a Smart City and Smart Security Solution. Thanks to ePlate”

The towns of Medio Polesine, a widespread area in Rovigo, have adopted ePlate, the innovative platform developed by b! that reads and automatically tracks license plates in a ring of intelligent cameras positioned on the territory. Sensors can detect license plates and extract letters..

“National Conference of Italian alpine trooper” (Verona, 20.09.14)

Technology  can be used to manage and monitor territory and any complex environment. Sandro Bordato, President & CEO of b! SpA speaks about the role that Innovative Solutions can have in territory management.


“Taste of Italy. The World learns from Italian companies” (Treviso, 14.03.14)

Technology can have an important role to improve the quality and safety of food. In fact it is able to impact on Traceability process.

“Smart Cities: some italian examples” (Lecce, 27.09.13)

The main purpose of Smart Cities has to improve the Quality Life of their citizens. Sandro Bordato, CEO of CEIT Group starts in this way its presence during the debate entitled “Smart Cities: some italian examples”.

Smart Cities: the point of view of Sandro Bordato – ArtLab 13

Sandro Bordato, CEO of CEIT SpA, explains his opinion about Smart Cities and the way to implement them. ArtLab 13 (Lecce, 24-28.09.2013).

“EGOV 2013 Award”, b! shows “Smart Eyes” (Riccione, 19.09.13)

“EGOV” is the event that awards the best and innovative projects realized by Public Administration. It is in this occasion that b! SpA has decided to show to a specific public, the public authorities, its solution “Smart Eyes”. In fact the system can support the security of citizens, in particular the functions of videosurveillance and licence plate recognition.

b! takes part to MPOP 2013, Milestone Partner Open Platform

Sandro Bordato, President and CEO of b! SpA, speaks about the partecipation of b! and Ceit group to the event “MPOP 2013″.

Smart Eyes – ePlate, Na-If, Milestone Systems

b! presents “Smart Eyes” the first Integrated Solution that lets you monitor traffic by video, read and store license plate info, and translate and manage the information from a Na-If multimedia platform.

b! for Collaboration

b! supports Collaboration Solutions. Thanks to its IT area it can make a truly contribution to the company, promoting their business.

Advanced mobility solutions

Informo IP is the web platform and multi-access multidevice, designed for companies that need  to operate at high efficiency, without costs and with the most effective  formula of installation.

Na-If – Natural Interfaces

Na-If, a Ceit group company, has developed and implemented the first intelligent social-table, that transforms every common design objects into multi-touch and multi-users surfaces.