Case Study



In the towns of Medio Polesine b! has installed a Smart City Solution. Thanks to ePlate

The Traffic Corps of Medio Polesine, a widespread area in Rovigo, has the necessity to control the vehicles that pass through its territory. b! installs ePlate, its system which reads and automatically tracks license plates and detects vehicles with no or expired car insurance, with no certified Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) or stolen.

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The Union of Caldogno, Costabissara e Isola Vicentina (VI) installs ePlate

The Union wants to improve its street security and to give to its Police Force new struments to control the vehicles that pass through its territory. For this reason b! SpA plans and installs ePlate.



In ASL Napoli 2 Nord b! implements its Electromedical Asset Management System in order to improve processes and reduce maintenance costs

ASL Napoli 2 Nord has chosen b! as the ideal technology partner which is able to optimize the management of its informatics systems, increase business performance and reduce costs. In particular, b! has implemented the platform “FACILITATOR” with GAEM 2.0 (Electromedical Asset Management).


In Unione Sinistra di Piave (TV) b! implements the unified IP videosurveillance system 

For the Client “Unione Sinistra di Piave (TV)”, b! implements a single management unit that is able to control all cameras located in the municipalities of Cimadolmo, San Polo di Piave and Ormelle (TV). The system, built in 2011, is evolving. The goal is to equip it with new systems that allows monitoring in mobility.


For the City of Rovereto (TN) b! improves the system of reading and tracking plates … thanks to ePlate 2.0

For the City of Rovereto b! implements the Solution that identifies in real time not insured and non inspected vehicles. For the first time in Trentino Alto Adige a local municipality installs a system of reading and tracking plates that is integrated with databases of Department of Motor Vehicles and with local black lists and it is centrally managed by a single organization.


In “VDP Fonderia” b! implements the AXIS Network Camera that plays with absolute quality in conditions of total darkness, each stage of production of iron castings

In the process of machining of the castings was necessary to find a camera that can compensate for the extreme brightness and glare produced by cast into the darkness of the production environment. The objective of VDP Foundry was, in fact, to avoid damage and downtime caused by this problem. b! SpA, formerly Axis Solution Gold Partner, at the customer chooses to install the AXIS Q1604 model, a type of network camera that offers superb performance under conditions of intense backlighting.


b! SpA is the Partner for the Security of City of Verona: it manages the Security and Traffic Control Systems

Since 2000, after having implemented the first urban digital videosurveillance systems ever implemented in Europe, b! SpA has been the partner of City of Verona that satisfies its security needs.
In particular, now, b! SpA guarantees the efficiency of the videosurveillance system, managed by the Local Police Force, and of the traffic mobile monitoring system, that is used by public executives in order to plan in real time traffic flow.


b! SpA in collaboration with GSG International has planned and installed the urban video surveillance system for Medio Polesine area

The security needs of Medio Polesine area (cities of Pontecchio Polesine Bosaro, Frassinelle Polesine, Canaro and Polegate) were directed to prevent vandalism activities, and to detect and reconstruct events that were occurred in “sensitive” sites, like ad schools, recreation centers, parks, squares and municipal buildings. The system planned and installed by b! SpA and based on Euklis technologies, it centralizes 20 video surveillance cameras and 6 license plate recognitions.


Treviso: videosurveillance and plate analysis system supported by a Metropolitan Area Network

b! SpA has planned and implemented the enlargement of the videosurveillance system. The purpose has been to improve the number of  surveilled area. The Solution has been supported by a wireless and optical fibre network.


Rovereto (TN): videosurveillance and plate analysis system (speed transit up to 250 Km/h)

21 points of total recovery,  equipped with different types of  last generation camera, monitor the most significant areas of Rovereto. The plates analysis  is ensured by an integrated system that includes in a single device: license plate  cameras, camera and IR illuminator context: the transit speed is up to 250 km / h, in all environmental conditions and / or light .


Ponte nelle Alpi (BL): creation of the biggest video surveillance system ever implemented in Northeast Italy, in a single solution

One hundred videocameras monitor 6 towns in Belluno province: Ponte nelle Alpi, Longarone, Forno di Zoldo, Soverzene, Castellavazzo and Ospitale di Cadore. In just 35 days, b! has installed the video surveillance and license plate-reading system that granted the prize “Integrated Security Awards 2011″.


Development of the integrated communication system in Montecchio Maggiore (VI).

b! SpA planned and installed the integrated communication system in Montecchio Maggiore (Vicenza province),  made of multimedia totem poles provided with displays and changing text messages.



Creation of a wireless network for audio/video communications in Garda Uno SpA Consortium (BS)

For Garda Uno SpA, a multi-service provider company in Brescia, b! has planned and installed a wireless network to link all company sites, and a videoconference system, which facilitates communication and avoids unnecessary travelling of staff.


Development of video surveillance system in Moriago della Battaglia (TV)

b! has planned and installed a street video surveillance system to strengthen safety and protect  territory within Moriago della Battaglia municipality (province of Treviso).