b! ICT Company

derives from the merging of b! ICT Company and Reteco, which took place in January 2013. Both companies belong to CEIT Group SpA.

b! SpA, previously namend Telindus SpA and originally belonging to Belgacom Group, was acquired by CEIT in 2008 and named Netindus. In January 2010, it was born again as “b! ICT Company”. In short time, b! ICT Company established itself as one of the most prominent national System Integrators, taking pride of being entitled with the largest number of certifications in relation to resources in Europe.

Reteco was founded in 1983 and positioned itself in B2B market, as a qualified partner specialized in solutions and professional services for Security, Networking, Unified Communication and Videoconferencing Data Center. Since 2000, Reteco is the leader for urban security in Northeast Italy. In 2012 it was acknowledged among the Italian Security Top Players (see ranking under “Italian Security Leaders, Top 25”).

Another important step in b!’s history took place in November 2014, when Na-If  joined b!.

The merging of b!, Reteco and Na-If has brought to the market a stronger and more competitive company. The know-how, the historical heritage and the distinctive features of each of the two companies are not lost in such fusion, as opposite, they are born again in “a new company”, which benefited from implementing a careful process of “bringing value-integration”.

We are a company of CEIT Spa group, technological partner with more than 50 years’ experience in telecommunication.

We reached the highest level of simplification of communication systems, starting from the most perfect of all ecosystems: Man.

The Individual is the focus of our attention; our search for best telecommunication solutions responds to the following imperative: “b yourself, anyway!”.

We understand the needs of our clients and leverage on innovation to reach efficiency. We provide solutions and communication systems tailored to every single experience, company, market.