We interpret any telecommunication need

and find the most appropriate solutions, customized to the personal profile of companies of all sizes.  Our goal is to accompany our client into the Age of Natural Communication, which leads to the development of new advanced and complex communication systems, capable to simplify and optimize working processes and, at the same time, create more performing working environments.

Where does our mission come from? 

We took the most perfect of all ecosystems, Man, as an example to reach the highest level of simplification of integrated communication systems. Every expression of human personality and every operating command that conveys an action, is a function of our nervous system: a natural system that analyzes data from different places and distributes information to remote sites through electrical impulses. We mimic the same operational model: we create complex and advanced systems of interconnections, which can capture every client’s communication needs and elaborate and transform needs into intelligent solutions, by providing precise answers.

We are a society belonging to CEIT Group SpA, a technological partner with more than 50 years history in telecommunication.

In 2013 b! and Reteco have been  merged in a single company, an even bigger and more competitive organization in the Italian TLC landscape.

The Individual is the focus of our attention; our search for the best telecommunication solutions responds to the following imperative: “b yourself, anyway!”.

We understand the needs of our clients and leverage on innovation to reach efficiency. We provide solutions and communication systems tailored to every single experience, company, market.