Our offer for video surveillance area

Thanks to the experience gained by Reteco, we are leaders for urban video surveillance solutions in North Italy –most specifically in Northeast Italy- with more than 120 public institutions (public administrations, local bodies, hospitals, etc) among our clients.
Our video surveillance systems include:

  • IP Video Surveillance Systems
  • Automatic Image Recognition and Video Analysis
  • Advanced Alarm Management
  • Building Automation Systems

The advantages of our video surveillance solutions

  • Simple integration with existing TCP/IP architectures;
  • High resolution of digital recording, easy data recovery, programed resolution and recording speed, access control, perimetral security;
  • Possibility to elaborate images for advanced identification and movement’s localization;
  • Easy data recovery;
  • Programed resolution and recording speed.

Digital technology allows real time images elaboration and additional features:

  • Movement Identification
  • People and vehicles counting
  • Panic Situations Identification
  • Objects/Abnormal Behaviours Identification
  • Anti-terrorism
  • Traffic jams Identification
  • Anti-theft
  • Fire/smoke detection
  • Plate recognition
  • No-go area access monitoring

Efficient and effective response to public security needs:

  • Thefts monitoring, acts of vandalism, non-authorized access to structures;
  • Green area preservation;
  • Video surveillance of main and secondary entrances, fire-escapes, internal rooms, lobbies etc;
  • Events recording;
  • Events recording for legal purposes;
  • Cost optimization through integration of video surveillance solutions with data/voice technologies;
  • Security Systems Integration capabilities: automatic calls to police, fire department, etc.

Access control

  • External access protection with virtual operators
  • Access barrier opening by plate recognition
  • Differential access to specific areas
  • Critical areas control
  • Parking automation
  • Video camera to verify access and control parked vehicles

  • Centralized control of limited areas, access control, etc
  • Perimetral security
  • Production, quality and logistic control
  • Distribution and sales area control
  • Injuries prevention and human resources protection

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