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We plan and develop innovative IT solutions for companies of any field, combining long-standing experience and deep knowledge of current technologies.

b! presents Na-If, an interactive multi-user and multi-touch platform, conceived and manufactured by the homonym company of CEIT Group SpA.

The concept that inspires Na-If is the more technology is less noticeable the more it is effective. The idea of “hiding” technology in everyday objects, like a table, a painting, a wall, makes them somehow alive”.

Na-If creates a new way to interact with information that engages the senses, improves collaboration and increases each user’s potential.

  • Direct interaction: users can “grab” digital information with their hands, interacting with content spread across gestures and physical contact without the use of mouse and keyboard.
  • Multi-touch: the interface is able to recognize multiple points of contact simultaneously, not only from one point like a traditional touch-screen, but is sensitive to touches coming from different points of the surface simultaneously.
  • Object Recognition: the system is able to recognize and interact with everyday objects, equipped with NFC tags, simply by placing them on its surface¬†or at a certain distance.
  • Multi-User: Na-If allows more people to use the surface simultaneously, creating¬†an innovative collaborative experience
  • Network: Na-if systems are able to communicate each other and exchange documents, multimedia and any other information. Likewise, Na-If systems can communicate and exchange information with Smartphone and Tablet.

Product and services

  • Man Machine Interfaces
  • Social Tables
  • Natural Interfaces, Na-If
  • Electromedical Equipment Life Cycle’s Management System, GAEM
  • Easy Facility Management System, e-FM
  • Help Desk and IT Services Management – Axios

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