Customized IT and TLC solutions

b! interprets any communication need and finds the most appropriate solutions customized to each client profile. Our offer covers all IT and TLC market to concretely respond and fulfill any specific need.
Our technology is effective but not invasive, performing but not expensive and, most importantly, it is directly business-oriented. We are firmly convinced that our company can leverage on ICT as a fundamental tool to win in competitiveness. In this perspective, ICT cannot be simply considered as a cost center, or a survival necessity for the company. Thanks to us, anyone can successfully communicate in a natural and fully transparent way.

Application areas of our competence

We plan and create network infrastructures suitable to support all business requisites of our company customers.

PWe plan and create advanced complex IP telephone systems and integrated solutions to achieve Unified Collaboration.


We plan infrastructural security solutions to guarantee and safeguard the IT asset of our client.

We have built a strong know-how in the field of video surveillance and we are leader for urban security in Northeast Italy.

Our solutions allow data transmission through wireless and optical channels, and at the same time, permit performance control and optimization.

Our solutions of business service management allow full alignment of IT processes to company business objectives.

Our solutions allow the progress of Data Center infrastructure into the most current and efficient forms.

We develop innovative ICT solutions, by combining long-standing experience and deep knowledge of current technologies.