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Some of the most important Projects we realized.

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ePlate for Urban Security & Investigation

ePlate 2.0 – License plate recognition and tracking system

Smart City and Safe City Solutions

ePlate 2.0 is the web based application developed by b! SpA which enables the end-user to read and automatically track license plates in a ring of intelligent cameras positioned on the territory. Sensors can detect license plates and extract letters.

The system is interfaced with external databases (ministerial databases, to the national public car registries and black lists) and it sends real time alerts through SMS, e-mails or vocal notifications for all vehicles detected with no or expired car insurance, with no certified Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) or stolen.

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The first Italian social-table, intelligent, multi-touch and multi-users, created and manufactured by the homonymous company.

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We are the leaders in urban videosurveillance solutions in Northeast Italy, with more than 120 public institutions among our clients.

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b! is proud of being one of the European system integrators with the largest number of certifications as of number of resources.

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What they say about us

b! has demonstrated such requisites and business performance to be qualified as 1st 2010 Partner in public sector, confirming to be a top System Integrator of Italian market.
Eric Moyal, Cisco Director Italy Partner Organization, Commercial Business & Operations
I thank b! for the collaboration and the demonstrated competence.
Giuseppe Tonello, Mayor of Moriago della Battaglia
Channel partners have always constituted a fundamental component of Cisco success (…) to collaborate with the highly experienced and highly reliable b! operators is crucial for us.
Eric Moyal, Cisco Director Italy Partner Organization, Commercial Business & Operations
For any sick child, hospitalization represents a very hard experience, which should be lightened up for as much as possible by a comfortable environment…therefore it is my pleasure to thank “b! Spa” and “Blue Coat” for their sensibility, more particularly I would like to thank Miss.Cristiana Rondini, Marketing Manager of CEIT Group SpA –which b! belongs to- who could carry out this generous initiative with great enthusiasm and determination.
Paolo Biban, Director of the Pediatric Ward of the Borgo Trento Hospital (VR)
Our collaboration with b! continues year after year, because it is founded on reciprocal trust, and in b! we can identify the importance of a System Integrator whose goal is efficiency and quality in any activities that is undertaken.
Enzo Valente, Director of GARR
….we are happy to mention this initiative (see “Natale Solidale 2011”) and the precious collaboration with b!, which will continue in the future for new ethically important events, that can help knowledge dissemination and to sustain the concrete development of most needy people. 
Armando Trivellato, Area Sales VP South Europe in Polycom
On May 4th 2012, i-SEF solution won Telecom Italia prize for best project. Motivation conveyed by the evaluation board: for the potential target market and for the evolution of the proposed solution. 
Telecom Italia - Top Clients, Telecom Italia - Top Clients - Partnership Alliances & Business Enhancement - Cloud Partnership